Valley Sports  uses CIF High School Rules -  All exceptions are noted below:


GAME TIME: All Divisions will be 2 (20min) Running Halves. Last 2mins of play is stopped clock if the score is within 10 points.


OVERTIME: All overtimes are 2-minutes. Last Minute is STOP TIME. There is no sudden death. Timeouts are not cumulative. One timeout will be given per team in overtime.


MERCY RULE: Game clock becomes running time when the point spread is 12 points. When the point spread is 12 points or less, the clock will revert to stop time within the last two minutes of the second half.


TIME OUTS: 3 time outs will be given per game.


FORFEIT RULE: If a team fails to have 5 eligible players at the start of the game a 15-0 score will be recorded.



Final standing will be determined by win/loss record.

Two way ties are determined by head to head win.

If there happens to be a three way tie will be seeding according to points.


FOULS/BONUS: 7 fouls (1-1) and 10 fouls (double bonus.


COACHES: Only 2 coaches per team can sit on the bench. The head coach is the only person who can approach the score table with questions. Only 1 coach can be standing during the game the other person/coach must remain seated during the game.


PROTEST: All protest must be made prior to the start of the scheduled game time. All coaches must provided birth certificates and reports matching the roster forms.



PLAYERS: There will be no unsportsmanlike conduct, foul language, physical violence, or berating of fans, players or officials. These acts will not be tolerated and anyone breaking the above rules faces a technical foul for their team and possible ejections and suspended from the tournament.

PARENTS: There will be no unsportsmanlike conduct, foul language, physical violence, or berating of fans, players or officials. Parents will be issued a warning and possible ejection from game and facility.

  • No smoking is permitted at any site.

  • No bouncing of balls in the facilities hallways is permitted.

  • Anyone defacing or damaging the property of the school whether before, during or after the game will be automatically suspended from the tournament and held liable for all costs.

  • Please keep all young children from running through the facilities.

  • Please keep all cheering in a good manner and show good sportsmanship. We want to maintain a positive atmosphere for all players, coaches and parents.


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