Womens League


8 Games Plus Playoffs

Contact for more Information

Monica (818) 671-7654


League Dates

Regular Season:

Week 1: 

Week 2: 

Week 3: 

Week 4: 

Week 5: h

Week 6: 

Week 7: 

Week 8: 1st Round of Playoffs

Week 9: Semi - Finals

Week 10:  - Championship



MAX 10 Players per roster

Final rosters are due by September 10, 2017, once final rosters have been submitted, no player outside the roster may play.

League Fees are due by the second game

All refs fees must be paid by half time. NO EXCEPTIONS




DISCLAIMER: Commissioners have the right to make any changes to the rules listed below.

Valley Sports  uses CIF High School Rules: All exceptions are noted below:


GAME TIME: All Divisions will be 2 (20min) Running Halves. Last 2mins of play is stopped clock if the score is within 10 points.


OVERTIME: All overtimes are 2-minutes. Last Minute is STOP TIME. There is no sudden death. Timeouts are not cumulative. One timeout will be given per team in overtime.


TIME OUTS: 3 time outs will be given per game.


FORFEIT RULE: If a team fails to have 4 eligible players at the start of the game a 15-0 score will be recorded.

** A $75 forfeit fee will be due before the next game **



  • Final standing will be determined by win/loss record.

  • Two way ties are determined by points.


FOULS/BONUS: 7 fouls (1-1) and 10 fouls (double bonus.


JERSEYS: If you do not have a matching set, colors must be similar. Technical will be given at the commissions discretion at the start of the game. 


TECHNICAL FOUL: Any players given a personal technical foul must sit out two minutes of game time. If a players receives two technical fouls it will result in a ejection from the game play. 

FREE AGENT TEAMS: Only players on the roster may play for Free Agent Teams. Any new players must be approved by the commissioners BEFORE the start of a game.


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